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Where to Get Machine Work Done For The Suzuki DR 350

Suzuki DR 350 Machine Work


Specializing in 4 stroke high performance engine modifications and CNC machined accessories. 

Also distributing a wide variety of performance accessories from well know manufacturers. 

Big bore kits, big bore liners, over boring, cylinder and head milling and cc' ing, intake port matching, cylinder head porting, shortened valve guides, valve job, oversize valves, aftermarket cams and cam degreeing, high performance 4 stroke engine mods available.

Jesse Kientz is synonymous with Suzuki DR 350 parts, machine work , accessories and more. Jesse has also been around for a very long time and has established an impeccable reputation for the very best customer service. If you are tired of spending too much money for too little performance then you need to call Kientech Today!




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