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Suzuki DR 350 Super Motard Modifications


Roger B Getting Air on his Suzuki DR 350 Super Motard


Rob's Suzuki DR 350 Super Motard


Lobster's Suzuki DR 350 Super Motard


Lobster's Suzuki DR 350 Super Motard fast right turn.


 Suzuki DR 350 17" Motard Rims

At the heart of the Super Motard are 17" rims, sticky tires, and good brakes.  Past that you are looking for BETTER SUSPENSION and more ENGINE POWER.

You have multiple wheel options to choose from here.  You can use the stock hubs and lace up 17" rims, or you can "graft" street bike wheels onto you Suzuki DR 350.  Axle diameter, hub thickness, brake rotor location, drive sprocket location, are all factors to be considered when swapping wheels.  Often times through bearing swapping, axle swapping, spacer making, caliper bracket fabricating, etc.,  you can graft a fairly inexpensive 17" street bike wheel onto your Suzuki DR 350 for super motard duty.  P.S.  Don't forget to shorten the kickstand:)  Also, if you decide to go the re-lace route you can find a detailed right up of the lacing procedure HERE

For the finishing touch you can always add stainless steel braided brake lines which will flex less and give firmer braking feel and braking application.

 Here is a very good 17"  Suzuki DR 350 wheel conversion write up with photos by Craig.

17" RGV Wheels grafted onto Suzuki DR 350.

I have just made my 94 Suzuki DR 350  super motard using RGV 250 wheels. The rear wheel is easy to fit, just use the DR's sprocket carrier in the cush drive of the RGV wheel with smaller spacers. (using the RGV carrier offsets the sprocket. Simple machining on a lathe would sort it but it's not worth the hassle IMHO as the DR one fits perfectly (just the cush drive pegs are shorter and this won't cause a problem))"

Nice Wheel Conversion.  Note the Caliper Bracket.

 "The front wheel was a right pain!  Firstly, the RGV uses a thicker axle and no bearings exist that fit in the RGV wheel and that also have a center hole that fits the DR axle.  Lucky for me I own a lathe, so I machined a spacer out of an alloy bar to take up the space between the bearing and axle.  Once that is done you need to make an adapter to hold the caliper (which in my case was the RGV 4 pot caliper)"

17" RGV wheel grafted onto Suzuki DR350 Supermotard.

Suzuki DR 350 Over Size Front Brake Rotor

If you set up your Suzuki DR 350 for super motard duty using stock hubs you can opt for an oversize front brake rotor to help increase stopping power and to also help reduce brake temperatures. 

If you choose to graft a street bike wheel onto your DR it should already have a sufficiently large enough brake rotor on it already and won't require any changes. 

I have personally installed the oversize front brake rotor on my DR 350 and I can tell you first hand that it makes a very noticeable difference.  It has more stopping power and requires less force against the brake lever.  I had to relearn the front brakes on my bike after installing the front rotor.

I laced up Anodized Accel Rims with a 280mm Oversize Rotor and Anodized Off Set Caliper Mount.   It Works Great Off Road.

The Dirt Model has Aluminum Spoke Nipples and the Dual Sport Model has Steel Spoke Nipples which are heavier.  I removed my odometer and cable and installed an Enduro Engineering anodized plug with o-ring to keep out debris.

This is an easy bolt on upgrade, that makes a noticeable difference.  I'm running an oversize front 280 mm rotor.  It came with the anodized offset mounting bracket!  I bought it from dennis kirk part number 19-5363  Dennis kirk shows it in stock for $157.99  In case you have another route to buy EBC brake prodcuts the manufacturers part number is:  Part #: OS6017



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