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The History Of The Suzuki DR 350  


Suzuki introduced the dr 350 in 1990 and produced it up until 1999.  The dr 350 was available in off road and dual sport models.  The dr was designed for trail riding and dual sporting.  The off road model features a mikuni flat slide pumper carb while the dual sport model has a diaphragm CV type carb plus all the necessary goodies to be street legal.    From 1990 to 1993 the dr had a manual decompression release used for starting.  From 1994 to 1999 the dr used a different camshaft that had a built in auto decompression mechanism.  On the off road model the suspension was upgraded in 1998-1999.  On the 1990 to 1993 dual sport models the rear had a cush drive setup for the drive sprocket.  Other than that, few changes were made during the 9 years of production of the dr bikes. 

The dr was a fairly popular bike being durable, easy to maintain, and affordable.  It was bought buy a large variety of people and has shown itself to be very capable in a wide variety of formats.  It seems the dr's uses are only limited by the imagination of its owners.  Dr's have been enduroed, harescrambled, super moto'd, dual sported, drag raced, and of course trail ridden extensively.  While it is fairly mild in stock form it can be modified to satisfy a wide variety of uses and riders.

The dr 350 was virtually unchallenged until 1996 when Honda released the XR 400.  While the Honda had a larger motor the DR held it's own quite well.  The DR seemed to gain an edge from being lighter, less expensive, and having the 6 speed transmission.  The DR which was introduced in 1990 was so well designed that it was able to compete with the Honda XR 400 from 1996-1999 without any major upgrades.

When the dr 350 was introduced in 1990 it was an eye catcher.  With the 4 valve twin swirl head and mikuni flat slide pumper carb and 6 speed transmission and dry weight of 248 lbs. the dr was a definate player.  But of course all good things must come to an end.  In 2000 Suzuki replaced the dr 350 with the drz 400.   After 9 years of production the market was craving a more state of the art bike and the dr350 was put to rest.


DR 350 Off Road Model  built 1990 to 1999 / Off road use only.

DR 350 S Model built 1990 to 1994 / Dual Sport with Kick Start.

DR 350 SE Model built 1994 to 1999 / Dual Sport with Electric Start.


Enjoy the photos!

1990 DR 350

1990 Off Road Model 



1991 dr 350

 1991 Off Road Model 


1991 dr 350s blue

 1991 DR 350S Model 


1993 dr 350 off road

 1993 Off Road Model 


1995 dr 350 offroad

 1995 Off Road Model


1995 dr 350se

 1995 DR 350SE Model 


1996 dr 350se

 1996 DR 350SE Model 


1997 dr 350se

 1997 DR 350SE Model 


1998 dr 350 offroad

 1998 Off Road Model 


1998 dr 350se

 1998 DR 350SE Model 


1999 off road model

 1999 Off Road Model 


1999 dr 350se

 1999 DR 350SE Model 




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